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What is the Up lift treatment?

This “non-surgical facelift” uses a unique metadermabolic enzyme protein which tightens, tones, and clarifies skin, leaving you glowing. Treatment includes reflexology massage of the feet, hands, neck and shoulders.

Is the Up lift treatment right for you?

The Up Lift treatment is most beneficial to those who have been unsuccessful in their search for products that result in clear, tight, and glowing facial skin. This non-surgical facelift is perfect for all skin types and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

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To book the Up Lift treatment online, select ‘Facial Treatments’ in our booking portal. You can also book over the phone or by text.

The Up Lift treatment includes a reflexology massage on the feet, hands, neck, and shoulders. While you may feel some firm pressure, you should never feel intense discomfort.

The Up Lift treatment uses a unique enzyme which tightens, lifts, and tones the skin on your face. This helps give your skin a natural, young glow.

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$300 per 60-minute session