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What is Wellness – Chateaux Muse?

Post operative Lymphatic drainage massage reduces swelling throughout the body by gently moving and improving the flow of lymph fluid. Which makes lymphatic massage perfect for anyone who has undergone surgery, either cosmetic or reconstructive since swelling is part of the body’s natural healing process. We use the Vodder technique which is painless but effective.

Why is Wellness – Chateaux Muse so important following a procedure?

Lymphatic massage can minimize pain, discomfort and swelling after a surgical procedure. During certain surgeries such as liposuction and tummy tuck, the lymphatic channels are disrupted. This gentle but effective massage may help to improve the appearance of scars and speed up the overall process of healing.


Lymphatic drainage massage is recommended 2-16 weeks post-surgery, and should be performed regularly as you heal for best results.

All Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions are 60 minutes long and can be performed in-spa or in the comfort of your home. For discounted packages, all sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase.

In-Spa Pricing

$300 for a single session
$275 / session for 5 sessions
$250 / session for 10 sessions

$150 deposit is required at the time of booking in-spa treatments.

In-Home Pricing

$450 for a single session
$425 / session for 2 sessions
$400 / session for 3 sessions

$225 deposit is required at the time of booking in-home treatments.

Frequently asked questions about Wellness – Chateaux Muse

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No, lymphatic massages are gentle and should not hurt. We use the Vodder technique, which consists of light traction without oil to guide the inflammation towards the lymph nodes.

Each client is unique. Depending on the procedure you’ve had, we will come up with a personalized plan of treatment. In general, the best thing to do is begin recovery treatment early to prevent issues like seromas and fibrosis which require more sessions to correct.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is recommended 2-16 weeks post-surgery. For a personalized approach or any post-op questions, schedule a consultation.

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