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What is a hyperbaric chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a machine that delivers high-pressure oxygen in a controlled environment. The chamber is designed to increase atmospheric pressure, which results in more oxygen being absorbed into the body’s tissues and bloodstream.

Why is using a hyperbaric chamber so important following a procedure?

By exposing the body to an atmosphere of 100% oxygen that’s at least 10-15 times the normal supply, hyperbaric oxygen therapy works to safely speed up the body’s recovery time by up to 75% after surgery. Reduce pain and limit swelling, bruising, and inflammation.

Hyperbaric chamber sessions are recommended immediately after surgery up until 8-weeks post-op

All hyperbaric chamber sessions are 60 minutes long and must be performed in-spa at our Beverly Hills location. For discounted packages, all sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase.

In-Spa Pricing

$400 for a single session
$375 / session for 5 sessions
$350 / session for 10 sessions

A hold will be placed on your card during booking and you will be charged at the time of your appointment.

In-Home Pricing

The hyperbaric chamber is not available for in-home booking.

A hold will be placed on your card during booking and you will be charged at the time of your appointment.

Frequently asked questions

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During a hyperbaric chamber treatment, you will be placed in a chamber that is pressurized with pure oxygen. You be able to lie down comfortably during the treatment. The chamber will increase the pressure around you, which will allow your tissues to absorb more oxygen than normal.

Yes, it is safe to receive hyperbaric chamber treatment after cosmetic surgery. It can help to improve the healing process and decrease the risk of complications.

The number of hyperbaric chamber sessions you will need will depend on your individual condition and the severity of your procedure. We will gladly consult with you to determine how many sessions you need.

Yes, you can drive yourself to and from hyperbaric chamber treatment sessions. However, you may feel drowsy or light-headed afterward, so it is recommended that you rest for a short period before driving. If you feel unsure, it is best to have someone else drive you.

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