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Olivia Zara – Chateaux Muse

Olivia Zara - Owner

Olivia, the creator of Chateaux Muse, was motivated to establish this wellness center following her personal encounter with self-love surgery and the noticeable scarcity of recovery options in Beverly Hills. She recognized the need for a fuller recovery experience that clients deserved.

Vision and Approach
Olivia envisioned Chateaux Muse not simply as a recovery facility, but rather a holistic healing space. Intent on providing an invigorating recovery pathway, she meticulously designed the client experience within these walls.

Guided by her personal understanding of client needs, Olivia has curated and refined the suite of services available at Châteaux Muse. Her singular focus has been to ensure clients feel:

  • Supported: Providing reassurance in their recovery journey.
  • Educated: Ensuring they understand their recovery process.
  • Cared For: Offering personalized attention as they recuperate from cosmetic surgery.
  • Make your recovery journey a smoother and more informed one with the help of Olivia and Châteaux Muse’s comprehensive offering