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Juanita Chabolla – Chateaux Muse

Licensed massage therapist- Chateaux Muse

Juanita Chabolla serves as a Master Massage Therapist and Partner at Chateaux Muse, a Beverly Hills wellness center renowned for its specialty massage and post-operative care services. Boasting over ten years of experience in lymphatic and specialty massage, Juanita is a licensed massage therapist and a graduate of the prestigious National Holistic Institute, which ranks among the top ten massage schools in the nation.

Having studied both Eastern and Western massage modalities, Juanita possesses a diverse skill set and extensive knowledge in her field. Following her own mommy makeover, she redirected her focus towards post-operative massage, cultivating a deep passion for assisting clients in their recovery from cosmetic and other procedures.

Juanita is committed to delivering the highest quality care and support to her clients throughout their healing journey.

Creator of Chateaux Muse

love and excellence with a holistic touch

Our team of licensed massage therapists is highly skilled in specialty massage techniques, making our center the perfect place for recovery from liposuction, other cosmetic procedures. Our motto, “love and excellence with a holistic touch,” encapsulates our mission to be by your side and help your body heal. We focus on treating the whole person, considering the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in our quest for optimal health and wellness